XHV2 (GV3) Molded Case Circuit Breaker

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The XHV3 circuit breaker (GV3 moulded case circuit breaker) is suitable for the alternating voltage to 690V, the electric current 1A to in the 80A electric circuit, takes three phase mouse cage asynchronous electric motor overload, breaks, short-circuits protection and not frequent starting control uses, may serve as the distribution line protection and the not frequent, load transformation, but also may do Isolates the use.

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The GV3 motor circuit breaker uses BTR screws (hexagon socket head in shape), which need n ° 4 Allen Allen wrench to tighten firmly. This type of wiring method uses Everlink system with creep compensation. This technology ensures the accuracy and durability of tightening torque, and can prevent cable creep and effectively improve safety. In addition, GV3 Schneider motor circuit breaker can also select ring type terminal blocks for line wiring, which are usually suitable for use in places with strong vibration, such as railway transportation.

The model and meaning


Product model ) Rated current Motor output(kW) Setting Range(A) Order No.
Thermal overload releases

Instantaneous overcurrent releases

GV3-M(ME) 2.5 0.75 1.6-2.5 30 XHV3-80(GV3)-M07
4 1.1/1.5 2.5-4 48 XHV3-80(GV3)-M08
6 2.2 4-6 72 XHV3-80(GV3)-M10
10 3/4 6-10 120 XHV3-80(GV3)-M14
16 5.5/7.5 10-16 190 XHV3-80(GV3)-M20
20 7.5/10 16-20 240 XHV3-80(GV3)-M21
25 11 20-25 300 XHV3-80(GV3)-M25
40 18.5 25-40 480 XHV3-80(GV3)-M40
63 28 40-63 720 XHV3-80(GV3)-M63
80 32 56-80 960 XHV3-80(GV3)-M80

XHV3(GV3)-M Accessories

Names of accessories Code the type of comtacts installation place Memo
Instantaneous auxiliary contacts A01 1NO + 1NC 1 PCS) The right of breaker
A02 2NO

The external fixing dimensions


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